I’m a business woman with years of experience in sales, marketing, management & training.

With my background, I can understand how hard you work and how frustrating it is to get lost in the crowd. Together we can take that hard work and use it to attract new business!

My name is Ellen Carey and I want to write for you.

I’m a creative thinker who writes with ease.

With my background, I can help you tell your story and get you noticed. It’s your turn to shine. All you have to do is contact me.

My name is Ellen Carey and you want me to write for you.

Some companies I have worked with.

Latest Beautiful Blog Posts:

Suzanne Somer’s Gut Renew 30-Day Challenge

Aging with beauty is really an inside-out project. When we feel good physically and mentally, we radiate well-being. I have tried various diets and styles of eating over the years, and as I have gotten older my digestion feels off. My stomach is sensitive to spicy and acidic foods, plus I don’t think I digest…

The Nature of Beauty as it Connects to Youth

Guest Blog by Muznah Mahmood (Guest Blogging, Link Building, Off Page SEO – Linked In) A lot of people in the world focus on perfection and beauty. Beauty is a distinctive characteristic that has been admired by many. It seems like everyone is always trying to look their best. It’s not just beauty in our…

When the US Senate committee asked the FED chairman, if these interest increases would lower the price of gas, food, and other consumables, the FED chairman testified “NO”.

A Discussion of Interest Rates Increasing and The Rest of Us. As a freelance writer, I am privileged to work with business leaders and creative influencers in multiple industries. People are talking about the Federal Reserves’, (The Fed) increase of interest rates. When asked to write a blog piece about this topic, I had to…

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