Wild Child Eyes Let’s Play

My beautiful daughter Summer colored her hair blue, green and pink and it looks fabulous! She inspired me to let my inner wild child out to play. Now just because I’m 55+ doesn’t mean I can’t rock a bright, bold and colorful eye. You can too, just follow the steps below.

  1. Joah Angel Food Cushion Foundation in Natural Ivory
  2. Joah Truly Yours Full Cover Concealer in Porcelain
  3. The Creme Shop Ready, Set, Glow in Pink Glow
  4. Maybelline NY Colorstrike in Charm as lid base
  5. Bretman Rock x Wet N Wild in Coconut Connoisseur, Deeper, Flaminghoe, King of the Jungle
  6. Joah I’m so Fly-liner in Black
  7. Joah I’m Your Jelly Bae! in Romeo on lips and cheeks
  8. Covergirl Total Tease Mascara in Black/Brown

This outdoor shot shows how vivid the colors appear, I love how the pink and blue blend into a sparkle of purple in the center. Now you probably notice a theme here, I have used a lot of Joah products. I’m thrilled with their cushion foundation, it is light enough to let my freckles shine through and mixed with Joah’s concealer I can achieve a natural polished look on my skin. I also love their lip colors and eyeliner. The liquid I’m so Fly-liner has a thin felt tip that makes applying it a breeze.

Vivid Affordable Eye Shadow

The eye shadow palette is by Bretman Rock x Wet N Wild. Bretman’s Youtube channel is one of my favorites. Bretman’s personality shines through there and in these bright, vivid colors. The only thing that detracts is the pigment on the pink is so strong, it stains even through my concealer base. The color is so pretty, it is worth a little extra removal time.

Shout Out

Shout out to Maybelline NY for Colorstrike cream to powder eye shadow pen. Summer and I recently found this new product in the drugstore and we both think it’s great. It goes on smoothly and does not flake off your lid when applying. It blends evenly and wears all day. The color Charm is very versatile. I wear it all over my lid for a soft look and have it as an all over base up to the brow bone in my Wild Child creation.

Glow Baby Glow

I’m a fan of a dewy look and I achieved this starting with my moisturizer. I’m wearing Suzanne Organics Coconut Moisture Serum topped off with Neogen Code 9 Water Capping System. On top of my makeup I sprayed, The Creme Shop’s I am…Glowing dewy primer and setting spray.

Mascara Junkie

My latest favorite is Covergirl Total Tease Mascara in Black/Brown. I like the brush, it is a comb on one side and a tiny brush on the other for getting into the corner lashes and separating any clumps. We will have to do an article dedicated to mascara looks and application tips soon.

Me and my inspiration. She’s gorgeous!!!
click on photo to shop Wet N Wild
Click on photo to shop

Have fun letting your Wild Child out to play!

With love from your Makeup Maven,


PS…Look below to tell me about your favorite eyeshadow pallet, or feel free to ask a question or make a suggestion, we love hearing from you ā¤ļøšŸ’•šŸ’‹

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