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Brows help you to express your feelings. Beautiful brows don’t have to be expensive or a challenge to apply. Summer and I have a few tricks that will help you make the most of the brows you have.

First stop plucking, threading and thinning your natural brows. Let them grow in and see where they are full and where they are thin. It’s okay to pull a few hairs between your brows, or way out on the side of your face, but in general keep the removal to a minimal. Got grey or white hairs, keep ’em don’t pluck.

Next I like to use a brush to separate my brow hairs and get them in their proper place. Then I use brow wax to hold them in place. My new favorite is NYX Fill & Fluff in Clear.

Then I choose an eyeshadow close to the color of my brows. I apply it with a fan brush that has firm bristles. I like Lancome’s brush #27. However, you could also get a brush from an art supply store and trim it to fit your needs. After I apply the eyeshadow wherever my brows need filling in, I gently brush them again to blend the eyeshadow into my brows. You can also use the eyeshadow to color in any grey or white hairs.

Another option is to use a clear brow setting gel like CoverGirl’s Easy Breezy Brow or E.L.F.’s clear mascara and brow gel duo. Apply the eyeshadow to your brows and after blending, set it with a little brow gel.

So it’s really that easy to take your brows to wow! If you have no natural brows to speak of, try the above technique with the wax and a brow stencil. Place the stencil in place, add some brow wax, then some eyeshadow and see how it works for you. Try a long wearing eye shadow for best results.

Summer applies eyeshadow to her brows with an angled soft brush. Her brows have a nice natural shape but are sparse. So she fills in with shadow, blends and adds E.L.F. clear brow gel to set the look.

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Keep expressing yourself! Your friendly Makeup Maven,


PS….Let us know your favorite brow products. We love hearing from you!

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Brows

  1. Such great tips! My eyebrows get pretty unruly, so I will definitely try this. especially since wearing a mask all the time, all that is seen are the eyes. Thank you Ellen and Summer!


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