Classic Eye to Smokey Eye for All Ages

Classic Eye looks are versatile. They can be worn to work, at home, and for a polished daytime look. Going from a Classic Eye to a Smokey eye is easy. The Smokey Eye look is great for nights out on the town, cocktail parties, romantic dinners, really anytime you want that sultry look. Both eye looks can be created using three colors. The important part to learn is where to place the colors.

We may all have learned a Classic Eye application in our teens and twenties. Then in our 40’s and 50’s something changes and the eye makeup suddenly doesn’t look right. Then again, in our 60’s and 70’s we discover the techniques we learned when we first started wearing makeup, no longer apply.

As we age the shape of our eyelid changes, and our application techniques need to as well. No worries, The Age of Beauty has you covered. We will show you how to get the looks you want, no matter your age, or eyelid shape. So let’s start with the Classic Eye Look:

Classic Eye for Teens through ’30s

Start with three shades of light, medium, and dark. 

  1.  Place the medium shade across your lid and in your crease.  
  2. Place the light shade on your brow bone.  
  3. Place the dark shade in your crease. 
  4. Blend, blend, blend, to soften where the edges meet.  
  5. Now apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner close to your lash line.  
  6. Finish the look with mascara.

Classic Eye For the ’40s through ’50s

When we get into our 40’s we begin to see puffiness in the crease area of our eyelid. The skin may sag and droop making our crease undefined. This is where we need to be more precise when applying our colors. Consider using a thin brush, like a lip brush to make the application of color easier.  

  1.  To counteract the puffiness, place the darker shade in the crease and slightly above the crease, extending the crease area.  
  2. Placing the darker shade in this way diminishes the appearance of the puffiness and defines your crease area.  
  3. All of the other colors are placed as you normally would for a Classic Eye look as described above.

Classic Eye for 60+

When we reach our 60’s the fat in our eyelids begins to diminish. This leads to a hollowed outlook in our crease area.  

  1.  To reduce the concave appearance of our crease we put a matte shade in a lighter color in the crease.  
  2. We place the medium shade on the lid.  
  3. The brow bone gets an even lighter shade than the crease.  
  4. Again we apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner to the lash line and mascara.  

Classic Eye for Monolid

Summer has a monolid, this means her eyelid does not have a crease.  

  1.  For her Classic Eye look, she wears one shade in a medium shade on her lid area. 
  2.  She places a thin line of liquid eyeliner close to her lashline and follows with mascara.

Smokey Eye for Teens through ’30s

Taking your eye look from Classic to Smokey is easy.  

  1.  Apply the dark shade you used in your crease in the Classic look to your lid.  
  2. Apply an even darker shade in your crease.  
  3. Use a soft eye pencil and rub it back and forth over the liquid eyeliner line.  
  4. Smudge the eyeliner with a brush and top it with a matching dark eyeshadow. Apply the shadow with an eyeliner brush.  
  5. Line your inner lower lash line with the pencil eyeliner.  
  6. Now either apply false eyelashes or several coats of mascara.  
  7. For a finishing touch add a light shimmer eyeshadow or highlighter to your brow bone and a dot in the corner of your eye.  
  8. For more drama, you can use a tiny bit of black eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eye for a smoked out edge.  
  9. Remember to blend so the colors transition smoothly for a finished look.

Smokey Eye for the ’40s through ’50s

This is a quick application from a Classic Eye look to a Smokey look.  

  1.  Take the dark shade you used in your crease and apply it to your lid.  
  2. Take a darker shade and place it carefully in your crease and slightly above your crease.  
  3. Use a soft eye pencil and work it back and forth over the liquid eyeliner line.  
  4. Smudge the line with a brush and add a matching eye shadow on top of the line with a thin eyeliner brush.  
  5. Lightly blend the shadows with a blending brush.  
  6. Apply false eyelashes or several coats of mascara.  
  7. For a dramatic look, place a small line of black eyeshadow on the outer corners of your lash line. 
  8.  Use the soft eye pencil on the bottom inner lash line.  
  9. Then apply a little highlighter to your brow and inner corner of your eyes.  

Smokey Eye for 60+

Smokey Eye looks are easy if you keep in mind the tips to hide a deep crease.  

  1.  Apply the dark shade to the lid.  
  2. Apply the lighter in the crease and brow area.  
  3. Add a little highlighter to the brow.  
  4. Go over the liquid eyeliner with a soft eyeliner pencil and smudge.  
  5. Use less product in your application and matte colors, so you are not highlighting lines.

Smokey Eye for Monolid

Summer rocks a Smokey Eye look with 2 shades of color.

  1.  Apply a medium shade to the lid.
  2. Create a faux crease by applying a dark shade where a crease would normally go.
  3. Summer prefers to wear matte shades in the crease and shimmery shades on the lid.
  4. Apply a soft pencil eyeliner back and forth across the liquid eyeliner.
  5. Smudge the liner with a brush and add some dark eyeshadow on top for more of a smokey look.
  6. Add some false eyelashes or extra coats of mascara.
  7. For extra sparkle, add some highlighter to your brow area.

Now that you know how to create a Classic & Smokey Eye Look, you’ll be ready for more daring looks going forward. Remember the tips for puffy, concave, or mono-lids, and you can adjust any look to your eyelid shape.

Keep an eye out for a future post on how to apply false eyelashes. We look forward to hearing from you, so be sure to comment and share your thoughts and tips.

Sparkle On! Your friendly Make-Up Maven,


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  1. Awesome and so simple to follow. The diagram really helped & I appreciate you using easy to find/affordable brands. Sparkle on!


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