Base Blue Box Opening

Working as a freelance writer and beauty blogger I am frequently found on social media, networking with other writers, and business owners in the cosmetic industry. Recently I was chatting with the founder of Baseblue Cosmetics. I let her know that I was going to purchase her false eyelashes for a blog post.

I got my idea for the post after a discussion I had with Summer. Summer wanted a full, dramatic eyelash look for her Halloween Costume. She hesitated when I suggested false eyelashes. The idea of the removal of the false eyelashes had her concerned. She thought the false eyelashes would stick to her own eyelashes. It was then I decided a blog post was in order. If Summer didn’t know the ins and outs of wearing these fluffy imposters, then there must be lots of women of every age who would appreciate some tips.

As I explained my idea to Baseblue’s founder, she was kind enough to suggest I become an affiliate of Baseblue Cosmetics. As an affiliate, when you purchase a product through a link on my blog/website, I will receive a small commission. So Baseblue Cosmetics is my first affiliate partner, yeah!
Baseblue Cosmetics launched in 2018 and their goal is to be the go-to source for “must-have” essentials, from applicators to makeup. Baseblue is about innovation and technology that inspires. They push their line to draw interest from the beauty community. They offer an array of sponges, brushes, lashes, soaps, and accessories. Everything they design is as artistic as it is functional.

I ordered my first box of products and am happy to share the box opening and all the goodies inside. First of all, let me say that the box itself is lovely. Inside the packaging for the products I chose was also special.

I chose two different styles of false eyelashes from their Flying Lashes Collection, Skylark, and Starling. Along with the false eyelashes, I purchased an AirSponge and an AirSponge Full Coverage. I also had them add their very special Two in One Make Up Brush.


The peach-colored sponge is the AirSponge Full Coverage, a makeup blender sponge for when you want complete coverage from your foundation. The pink-colored sponge offers you make up blender sponge for buildable coverage when applying foundation. It can also help to blend in concealer, blush, contour, and highlighter colors.

Two in One Makeup Brush

Two in One Makeup Brush
Summer is holding Baseblue’s Two in One Makeup Brush. This brush is special. It has a twist-off top that holds a surprise inside.

Unscrew the top and…

Baseblue’s Two in One Makeup Brush has a full coverage brush for powder, concealing a smaller brush for eyeshadow. They have carefully designed this tool to be the perfect size for foreheads, cheeks, and necks. The added eyeshadow brush is just right for applications, touch-ups, and small facial curvatures. The Two in One design makes it easy to store, travel, and touch-up throughout the day.

Summer and I are wearing the False Eyelashes. Summer is wearing Starling for a natural glam look. I have on Skylark for a wispy medium volume look.

I am extremely happy with my new Baseblue Cosmetic products. I think you will like them as well. Below is a link to their website, where you can view their best selling products.

Summer and I will be adding a new post soon, with tips for applying false eyelashes. I hope it takes the mystery out of this fun and glamorous product. I also hope you enjoyed learning more about Baseblue. Their products make great holiday gifts and they often have a sale, so get shopping!

Butterfly Kisses from Your Friendly Make-up Maven,
PS. We love hearing from you, so please leave a comment and tell us what your favorite cosmetic line is below…Sparkle on!

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