How to Easily Apply False Eyelashes

Summer asked me how to get a false eyelash look with mascara, and I suggested just wearing false eyelashes. Then I found out that the idea didn’t sit well with Summer. It turned out she was worried about removing them because she thought they would stick to her eyelashes. So right then I decided we should do a blog post how-to about these glamorous imposters.

Applying false eyelashes is easy if you follow a few simple steps, take your time, and use a little practice. So here are the steps to get the effortless, alluring lashes, you desire:

  1. Buy a quality set of lashes, that will last you and wear well. There are many styles to choose from, so have fun and purchase a few. Our friends at Baseblue Cosmetics have some beautiful false eyelashes to choose from, and they are the ones Summer and I are wearing. Summer has on Swift and I am wearing Skylark. You can click on the photo below to purchase your false eyelashes from Baseblue:

2. Look at the lashes in their case, and see the inner corner and outer corner of the false eyelashes. You want to apply them to your lid the way they align in their case.

3. Size the false eyelashes by holding them up to your eyelashes. Trim the false eyelashes from the outer corner with a small pair of scissors so they fit your lash area.

4. Apply your favorite mascara to your eyelashes. This helps your own eyelashes to blend in with the false eyelashes. Also, make sure to do all your eyeshadow and powder applications before you apply your false eyelashes. Otherwise, you may get make-up powder on the false eyelashes and ruin the look you are creating.

5. Put a small amount of glue on your thumbnail. Make sure to get the glue evenly distributed along the middle and to both ends of the false eyelash strip. I used Duo eyelash glue. You can find this in any drugstore.

6. Let the glue dry for 30 seconds so it becomes tacky.

7. Use your eyelashes to prop up the false eyelashes while you press the false eyelashes into the skin along your own lash line. A Q-tip comes in handy to help you secure the false eyelashes.

8. Take your eyelash curler and press the false eyelash and your own eyelash together.

9. Use eyeliner to blend in any glue that is showing on your lash line.

Removal is easy, they do not stick to your eyelashes. Just gently pull them off from the outer corner and use an eye make-up remover to remove any glue.

That’s it, if you take your time you will become skilled at wearing false eyelashes. They can help you to have a full lash look for every day, or a glamorous night-time look for a special occasion.

I hope this took the mystery out of applying false eyelashes. Let me know if you gave Baseblue Cosmetics a try and how you did with your first application. Practice helps, and I know you will get the hang of it quickly.

Butterfly kisses from your favorite Make-Up Maven,


PS. Remember to comment below and tell us how you did with your application!

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