Mystery Unboxing Laura Geller Cosmetics

We are always looking for new cosmetic brands to try. In this case, what is new for me, is a brand that has been thriving for over 20 years… Laura Geller Cosmetics. Laura Geller started her career as a make-up artist working on Broadway. She also designed looks for celebrities and socialites. As time went on Laura developed products for every woman and launched them on QVC.

Laura has become known for her Spackle primers and baked cosmetics that are handmade in Italy. Her line is just full of fabulous colors, sparkling highlighters, and products that promise results for women of all ages. She is also a big supporter of cancer-focused charities. So we were excited to partner with her affiliate program and wanted to dive right in and try everything before introducing the line to you

When trying a line with so many great products to choose from, we are happy when we see they offer mystery boxes. These are boxes filled with a variety of cosmetics, for a fraction of the cost. The contents are a surprise, so it’s like getting a present. Mystery boxes offer you a quick and affordable way to try a line and see what they are all about.

Our Mystery Box was filled with fab goodies and we are looking forward to creating eye catching looks with our new finds.

The box contained a lip stain and a duo lip scrub and tint.

We were pleased to find illuminator and eye shadow duos. They are both matte and sparkle in neutral shades.

The Sparkle continued with illuminating drops with a silver tint. Summer is looking forward to trying the 24hr eyeliner when she plays her gigs.

Our Mystery box also contained a Lambswool paddle for blending and smoothing to create an airbrushed effect.

We can’t wait to try all these beautiful products from Laura Geller Cosmetics and share our results. So remember to subscribe to our blog. Then you won’t miss our upcoming posts, where we create dazzling looks with these products.

If you’d like to purchase Laura Geller Cosmetics simply click on the link below.

Shop Laura Geller® Cosmetics! Premier Makeup for Every Skin‎.

Wishing you a day full of Mystery & Surprises,

Your Favorite Make-up Mavens,

Ellen & Summer

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