Summer’s Laura Geller Make-Over

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After the Laura Geller unboxing posts, Summer was ready to try a new look with the products. Summer likes to keep her make-up application simple unless she is on stage performing a rock show. For this look she chose eyeshadow colors from Laura Geller’s The Delectables Pallet – Delicious Desserts, Laura Geller’s Luster Eyes 24hr Liquid Eyeliner, and High Def Glow Illuminator Duo.

Summer starts her Laura Geller Make-Over with Pink Velvet Cupcake. Summer has a mono-lid, meaning she doesn’t have a crease. She places the Pink Velvet Cupcake shade where the crease would be. She describes the shade as a soft pastel pink with a hint of shimmer. Summer commented that she liked how the pallet itself consisted of wells that the color sits in. These wells keep the colors separate and from mixing together when applying.

The baked eyeshadows have a soft feel, that don’t crumble or leave dust on your cheek. They blend easily and wear all day. The pigments are strong so you only need to place small amount of product on your brush.

Summer then added Poached Pear all over her lid. This golden color has a touch of brown/grey and shimmers softly, bringing your attention to Summer’s beautiful dark brown eyes.

To define her eye-shape and lashes she applied Laura Geller’s Luster Eyes 24hr Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Summer said she took a shower later that night and this waterproof formula held up, even though she washed her face. Summer was impressed with how simply the liner went on because of the thin applicator. She made a subtle cat-eye with ease. Luster is the perfect description as the liner’s finish is dark and glossy.

Summer then reached for the High Def Glow Illuminator Duo to add some highlights to her cheeks. She tried both Shimmer and Sparkle shades, and blended them with her favorite blender ball, that you can purchase from Base Blue, either from the below link or on our shopping page. Summer thought the colors brightened her complexion. She found the colors complimentary and the consistency comfortable to wear.


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The finished look is fresh and youthful. Summer’s now a Laura Geller Cosmetic fan and will continue trying all the products we used in the unboxing. We are finding this make-up line suits Summer’s tastes and mine. So this busy teen and her mom can share and enjoy our new Laura Geller Cosmetic finds!

Wishing you happy new discoveries. Your friendly Make-Up Mavens,

Ellen & Summer

PS. Let us know if you have tried Laura Geller Cosmetics and what your favorite product is in the comments below. Sparkle On!

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