Suzanne Somers’ Mystery Unboxing

Suzanne Organics Mystery Unboxing
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We love trying new products, and we love saving money. Subscription boxes are a great way to sample a line without breaking the bank. Plus the surprises that await inside a mystery box just adds to the fun of discovering something new.

Suzanne Somers’ is an affiliate partner of ours. You can purchase Suzanne Organics Products through the link below or on the Shop Page of our Website ( We love Suzanne Somers Products, she has a full line of skincare, haircare, makeup, along with supplements, health & wellness items, and books.


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Suzanne Organics offer Anti-Aging, Gluten-Free, Made in America products. Suzanne Somers’ line has no chemicals, no toxins, no artificial colors, no artificial fragrance, and does not test on animals.

Suzanne Somers Mystery Unboxing Clove Spice Hand Wash

Summer & I had fun opening the Mystery Box and trying the goodies inside. With Covid on everyone’s minds, it was great to find Clove Spice Hand Wash. This soothing hand wash has a spicy and citrus scent. This moisturizing hand wash has a base of White Tea and Coconut Oil, to gently cleanse without the use of harsh detergents. The Clove Spice scent is invigorating, and clove is known for its anti-bacterial properties.

Suzanne Organics Clove Spice Hand Lotion

Included in our Suzanne Somers’ Subscription Box was Clove Spice Hand Lotion. Like all her products, Clove Spice Hand Lotion is Toxic-Free. The lightweight formula contains unique botanical ingredients. It offers silky hydration, to rejuvenate your skin and has the same fresh scent as the Clove Spice Hand Wash.

Suzanne Somers Mystery Unboxing Suzanne Organics Clove Spice Hand Lotion

We were happy to find Clove Spice Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer in our Mystery Box. Remember when it was so hard to find hand sanitizer at the start of the pandemic? Summer and I keep hand sanitizer in our car and our handbags. Normal hand sanitizer is very drying to the skin. Now we are in the midst of winter ( we have about 6 inches of snow outside right now) and our skin craves moisture. Suzanne Organics Clove Spice Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is a hand moisturizer and sanitizer all-in-one application. It provides the healing and soothing benefits of Aloe Vera along with a full spectrum of ingredients to thoroughly sanitize. The light soothing gel can be sprayed on easily and offers the spicy/citrus scent of the aromatic Clove Spice.

Suzanne Somers Subscription Unboxing Clove Spice Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer & Suzanne Organics Brightening Serum

Also included in our Suzanne Somers Subscription Box was Suzanne Organics Brightening Serum. This anti-aging serum offers an amazing glow through the good for you certified organic ingredients. Filled with antioxidants like white tea, flavonoid, catechin, and vitamin C, this soothing serum protects our skin. Daisy flower extract and vitamin C help to brighten our complexion.

All the wonderful products in our Suzanne Somers Mystery Box were full-sized. A great value is delivered to our door, every month. Our whole family is enjoying using the Clove Spice Hand Wash & Hand Lotion. I immediately threw the Clove Spice Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer in my bag. I indulge in placing the Brightening Serum under my moisturizer morning and night.

Okay we like silly fun!

Beauty and health products that are pure and clean, easy and fun! Beautiful inside and out with Suzanne Somers’ Beauty, Health & Fitness!

We are excited to share the contents of our next Suzanne Somers Subscription box with you soon. Until then wash those hands, moisturize everything, and Sparkle On!

The Age of Beauty

Your favorite Make-Up Mavens,

Ellen & Summer

P.S. We love hearing from you! Let us know what products you use to keep safe and clean in the comments below.

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