Glamping with The Age of Beauty

Thank you Bensounds &
 Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

Summer and I are taking a road trip from Pennsylvania to Wyoming! So we will be posting a series of blogs to share our adventures with you. There will be some glamping tips, hotel, and restaurant reviews, along with our usual antics. We hope you enjoy the series.

Summer recently became a licensed drive. She will be helping me with the driving. Fitzpatrick, our Kia Soul, is over-packed with food, drinks, snacks, and all the essentials for our cabin in Wyoming. We will be staying about 40 minutes from The Grand Teton National Park and an hour from Jackson Hole and Yellow Stone National Park.

Before we reach our rental cabin, we will be driving from Philly to Pittsburg, then through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, parts of Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming. We have planned for 4 days out, a week at the cabin, and four days back. There will be many stops along the way, and we will share the ups and downs to help you plan your next road trip.

Let’s Go!…

Follow us so you can watch the adventure unfold and leave a comment below about your favorite glamping trip. Your friendly Make-Up Mavens sending their love from the road!

Ellen & Summer

Stay tuned for The Mascara Diaries & Face Mask Mondays!

We will be sharing additional series posts in the future until then here’s some of our most recent posts…

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