Go-Go Glampers Road-Tripping Part 5

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We have made it to Wyoming from Philadelphia. The journey ahead is the final leg to Moran and our Cabin at Togowotee Mountain Lodge. Motel 8 in Laramie offered a good night’s rest. This motel was clean, quiet, and the staff was friendly. Before leaving Laramie we had breakfast at The Prairie Rose Restaurant. The food was good, the coffee fresh and now we are ready for a long day of driving.

There are not a lot of places to stop on the highway between Laramie and Moran, so we made sure to fill up our gas tank before heading out. We put on the SPF, enjoyed the scenery, and reached Jeffery City, where we enjoyed the company of the bartender at the Split Rock Bar and Cafe. He was nice enough to head to the kitchen and make us lunch. A final fuel up and off we went, reaching Moran a few hours later.

Glamping Tip: When traveling all day, make sure to protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreen and cover-ups are a must!

We met up with Aunt Karyn, who would be sharing a cabin with us at Togowotee Moutain Lodge. The staff at the lodge registered us and gave us the keys to our cabin. Then I misdirected Summer, and with Aunt Karyn following behind, we took a misadventure on a bumpy dirt road, delaying our long-awaited arrival.

Undeterred we made it to the cabin and after unpacking decided to head to Jackson Hole for a food shop. Jackson Hole has everything you need to make your stay a glamping success. Supermarkets, restaurants, shopping, all things western, and touristy.

Aunt Kar we love you!!!

After some exploring and shopping, we headed back to the cabin, for a relaxing night, as we plan for the adventures ahead in two of the country’s beautiful parks, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

We look forward to sharing the rest of our western adventures with you, so stay tuned by following us on social media! Until next time remember to wear your sunscreen and Sparkle On!

Your Fave Make-up Mavens & Glamping Gals,

Ellen & Summer + Aunt Kar

2 thoughts on “Go-Go Glampers Road-Tripping Part 5

    1. We liked staying there. It was a little drive to the park, and because of that, the prices were better. The next blog will be all about the parks.


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