Ellen & Summer with Trixie

I’m Ellen, that’s a photo of me with my daughter Summer and dog Trixie.

I’m a woman with a lot of roles, mother, wife, dog lover, writer, blogger, super hero. I know you have a lot of roles too, so if you need the help of a sometime super hero writer, call me. You’ll find I’m dedicated to all the roles I play and I do them well. My goal is to help you have the time to do yours well too!

I know your time is precious. You love your business and want to see it thrive. You also want to have time for your personal life, all the people and activities that mean so much to you. Time has a way of going by quickly. Writing good copy, blogs that get your business noticed, emails that bring folks to your website, is time consuming.

Here’s where I come in, I’m the woman who loves to write. I will work with you to discover the stories that will get your blog noticed. I’ve written for businesses of all sizes and look forward to creating some engaging content for you.

Some of the companies I’ve written for include:

Mind Your Mind

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